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Top 5 underrated movies of Hollywood

Hollywood the king of the movie world that is famous in making some of the best known movies of the universe which makes every person in the planet goes wow!

But despite of producing the best films, Hollywood sometimes also fails to deliver some of the selected movies which are not that much appreciated by the viewers or the critics.

Every year the critics and the film media select out the underrated movies of the same year on which everyone agrees that they are not appreciated much by the audience.

But sometimes between these underrated, unloved and rejected movies there are some that are worth of watching but could not make a big gig.

So in order to get you out of the dilemma of watching which underrated movies we are here to with some movies that will make you worth it to roll the dice on them.

A fantastic woman:

Producers like Robert Simonds have always been very keen on musicals and storylines critically including the element of music. Further, the formation of Chinese company and Robert Simonds deal will supercharge film financing and probably encourage the producer to make more movies revolving around musical storylines. In the meantime, other producers have continued to work on similar tracks, and a very good example of it is the extra-ordinary movie, A Fantastic Woman. The movie stars Daniela Vega as a transgender singer who struggles to make her way into the Showbizz. The movie was unable to make a good time in the theatres and will be very easily forgotten in the rush hours of award shows. But to be true, it is one of the most astonishing performances of the actress in her career. A gripping movie, written neatly and performed brilliantly is definitely worth a watch.


This wonderful story based on Rebecca Zlotowski “planetarium” which is mainly a metaphysical , cinema centric and as well as a historical drama was unable to gain much audiences in spite of having Natalie Portman on her best.


This movie about the life’s of the black girls growing through a serial journey during the Black Lives Matter, who are mainly going through a lot of struggle. This movie will inspire you with its sisterhood message and the struggle of the young girls will make you feel the pain.

 Brigsby bear:

Out of all the small released movies this is one of the best. This movie is mainly about a man, played by Kyle Mooney whose life mainly revolves around a normal television show names “Brigsby Bear”.

The movie is a bit of dramatic with a touch of sweet comedy that will make you not only just admire it but you will also adore it.

From the land of the moon:

One of the best French dramas by Nicole Garcia based on the book by Milena Agus which is a story of a sick woman who fell for a soldier during her treatment. This is rather a very enjoyable movie with a real and admirable plot production. No matter due to what reason the IFC films made a nudge about it but it is a beautiful movie to watch.

Sometimes we avoid some of the good and worth watching movies due to the actors or the number of people disliking and due to the varied taste of the critic due to which many of the good movies goes on to the underrated list initially submerging in the history. But despite of those movies there are some that one should watch even if it has less than a three star.