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Best ways to cure a dry cough

Many of the health issues are easy to cure, but in case they are ignored, they can trouble a lot.  One of the common diseases is a cough. It is a very basic but irritating form of ailment. A person who coughs frequently is ignored by people. Moreover, if one does not pay attention to this ailment, it may result in severe illness. Coughing often lowers one’s immunity, and hence a person becomes prone to other diseases whose primary symptom is coughing.

As soon as one is troubled with acough, the common human tendency is he rushes to the doctor and with the help of some syrups or medicines a cough is either removed or dried. However, one must understand that this can be dangerous in the long run. Hence the natural remedies can be the best option that can remove a cough from theroot.

There are several allopathic medicines available, but it is advisable only to cure a cough by natural remedies. There are some natural remedies mentioned below which may come handy in case someone suddenly suffers coughing.

Turmeric milk

One of the most used treatments for curing dry cough by consuming turmeric milk. This treatment is known to mankind since ages and most effective than all the later ones. Take a glass of milk and heat it for 2-3 minutes and add a small teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Consume the mixture right before bedtime. It is necessary to heat the milk because it calms one’s throat. On the other hand, Turmeric- panacea as the ecologist call it is a natural antibiotic.

Drink spicy liquid (Kaadha)

It is one of the local remedies to cure a cough for people of any and every age group. A lot of people believe that having kaadha during cough problems is the best remedy. It is no big complex medicine, take a glass of water, a teaspoon of aniseeds and few pieces of cinnamon and heat the mixture for few minutes on the gas. Once the mixture heats sufficiently enough, filter it in a glass and consume it when the temperature is sufficient for the throat to bare.

Chewing Basil

The most worshiped plant of Indian culture Basil or Tulsi as they call it in India is also a remedy to cure a cough. This is the easiest and simplest remedy of all, just find a plant of Tulsi/Basil and pluck some leaves. Wash them with pure water and chew them but do not just swallow them. Chew the leaves properly, so the juices are released and swallow the juice. The plant of Basil/Tulsi is a naturally spicy herb, and hence it breaks a cough right away.

Best ways to cure a dry cough

Honey and Ginger

Most of the people’s grandmoms immediately suggest this remedy when they come to know abouta cough. This isaquite simpleremedy; one needs to take ginger pieces and crush them. The juice obtained after crushing ginger pieces is collected and mixed with a small amount of natural honey. The mixture thus prepared is spicy as well as sweet in taste. The spiciness of the solution breaks a cough and sweetness provide soothing relief to the throat rashes.

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